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    1. Technique Strength

      International leading R&D team

      As a high-tech enterprise, we have an international R&D team and employ high-level materials research experts, engineering and technical experts, product management experts and analytical testing experts at homeland and abroad. R&D staff are located in China and South Korea. More than 70% of R&D engineers have master's degree or above. Through independent research and development and technical cooperation, we have developped new products and promoted the quality of existing products.

      Seven Core Technologies

      Ronbay has the highest and the most comprehensive technology strength in China.

      Precursor Coprecipitation Technology

      Doping technology of Cathode Materials

      Atmospheric Sintering Technology for Cathode Materials

      Surface Treatment Technology of Cathode Materials

      Production Technology of High Voltage Single Crystal Materials

      Recovery Technology of Ni/Co/Mn

      Recovery Technology of Li2CO3


      Ronbay is committed to becoming global the most important new energy material enterprise by powerful combination.

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