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      China / Ronbay Material

      Ronbay Technology Introduction

      Ronbay Technology (Ningbo Ronbay Lithium Battery Material Co., Ltd.) (‘Ronbay Technology Battery’ for short) is a high tech new energy material enterprise and a transnational group corporate for professional research and business of positive electrode material?of lithium battery, controlled by Beijing Ronbay Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. Reconstructed and established in September 2014, the corporate was built by two teams from China and South Korea both with successful entrepreneurial experience of more than 20 years in the field. Member companies include Ningbo Ronbay Lithium Battery Material Co., Ltd., Hubei Ronbay Lithium Battery Material Co., Ltd., Guizhou Ronbay Lithium Battery Material Co., Ltd., Beijing Ronbay New Energe Research Centre., JS (Korea) Co., Ltd. and EMT (Korea) Co., Ltd., and has shares in TMR (Korea)Co. Ltd.and has shares in TMR (Korea)Co. Ltd.

      Mr. Bai Houshan YOU SANG YUL
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      Mr. Bai Houshan

      Experience in and out of the system
      Scientific technology + industry + investment
      Founder of Ronbay Investment (Holding shares)
      Founder of Dangsheng Technology (Stock Code 300073)
      Professor level senior engineer of Beijing General Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (promoted as an exception)
      The very first individual who took stock shares during the reform of large institutes of industrial sector in China

      Social Titles

      Entrepreneurship tutor at enterprise incubator of Beijing Fengtai Development Zone
      Member of China Industrial Association of Power Sources
      Deputy head of Cobalt industry branch of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association
      The 5th Rotating president and ordinary member of Beijing Growth Enterprise Market President Club
      Deputy head of Xiantao branch of Hubei Chamber of Commerce
      ‘TOP 10 Influential Man’ of South China Lithium Battery (International) Forum 2008
      The 5th ‘Man of the Year’ (2015) in China battery industry
      Invested for holding shares in Changsha Xingcheng Micro-crystal Graphite Company (831086), which was public listed in National Equities Exchange and Quotations in August 2014.
      Succeeded in putting the son company EMT (Korea) Co.,Ltd (232530), under Ronbay Lithium Battery, onto Korean Small and Medium-size Enterprise Stock Exchange by end of 2015.
      Carried out a transnational acquisition in the lithium battery positive electrode material industry by means of mergers and acquisitions fund, and built Ronbay Lithium Battery as one of the leaders in ternary field .

      Expert of national level in Korea in lithium battery positive electrode material industry

      YOU SANG YUL ( South Korea )

      Born in 1958, graduated from graduate school of Physics, Hanyang University, Seoul
      1984 - 1996, worked in Comprehensive Research Institute of Samsung SDI as senior researcher
      1996 – 2002, worked in Material Pharmaceutical Division of Samsung SDI as manufacturing minister
      2002 - 2004, JAMR (a Sino-Canada joint venture)
      2005-2010, worked in L&F Lithium Battery Positive Electrode Material Division as general manager
      Jan 2011 till now, founded EMT Korea and worked as president and general manager
      Mar 2013 till now, founded Zaishi Energy (Korea) Co., Ltd and worked as head of company
      Sept 2013 till now, founded TMR Korea
      Sept 2014 till now, worked in Ronbay Lithium Battery as president

      Social Experience

      Graduated from the Hanyang University (Master), one of the founders of L&F New Material (Korea) Co., Ltd., used to be the general manager of a subsidiary of Wuxi Light Future Co. Ltd., founder of Zaishi Energy (Korea) Co., Ltd., representative director of EMT Korea Co., Ltd., member of the first class material development, the Government WPM Project Committee (Korea), assessment committee member of Secondary Battery Project (Korea).
      Worked in Comprehensive Research Institute of Samsung SDI as senior researcher for 12 years since 1984, and worked in Material Pharmaceutical Division of Samsung SDI as manufacturing minister for 6 years since 1996.
      Founded L&F New Material (Korea) Co., Ltd. (066970) in 2000, focused on research with other founders, and promoted enterprise development. L&F New Material (Korea) Co., Ltd. was listed in KOSDAQ, South Korea.
      Leaded Wuxi Light Future Co. Ltd. the first company to mass product of NCM 523 in the world in 2006.
      You Sangyul's motto: Flying to the wider world with unlimited dreams and endless challenges, Creating a myth of success in the fierce competition, breeding low carbon green enterprise, sharing the glory of humanity.

      Ronbay Lithium Battery insists on innovation to constantly improve its competitiveness. With the business concepts of “customer orientation”, the company always keeps improving at work, guided by advanced thought mode of “ science, reason, learning, innovation, vision, systematicness.”

      Corporate Culture of

      Ronbay Material


      Develop new energy material industry and make our environment a better place for living, create a beautiful future for the corporate and employees and contribute back to the society.

      Sense of Worth

      1.Way of Thinking

      Scientific, rational, learning, innovative, broad sighted, systematic

      2.Mode of Behavior


      Sunshine, honesty, persistence, honor and dream

      Interpersonal relationship:

      Respect, trust, thanks giving, convergence, sharing

      Service, support, coordination, win-win, contract spirit

      Work ethics:

      Customer orientation

      Be diligent, autonomous, responsible and exploring

      Put work forward and yourself backward

      Progress first and perfection afterward

      Progress first and perfection afterward

      Work happily


      We shall become the global number one comprehensively in the lithium battery positive electrode material industry by 2020, and build up a cycling industrial chain and become a knowledge intensive company with light assets. By 2024 we shall become a most important new energy material enterprise in the world and realize industry 4.0.

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